Who are we?

Adam Dove

Adam Dove has over 10yrs experience in the outdoors. His qualifications include, a BA Hons degree in Outdoor Education and Adventure Recreation, a Level 3 Forest School Leader award and various outdoor pursuits qualifications. His knowledge has been extended through hands on experience and attending courses in mountain leader training and Bushcraft survival skills. Experience includes, designing Forest School and Outdoor Education programmes for various settings including, children’s parties and holiday camps. He has also trained other professionals in the field of outdoor education.

Through experiencing the positive affects nature has on children, Adam wanted to develop outdoor educational programmes that utilised all his experience and inspiration; that could be used to help the development of children as a whole. It is his hope, that the Woodland Adventure Company will have a long lasting effect on the well-being of children and help develop their respect for the natural environment, as well have having lots and lots of fun!


Marie Dove

Marie Dove has 10 years experience in Social Work and Education and left her post to join the Woodland Adventure Company, with her husband Adam. Marie loves being part of projects, especially when they are focused on well being and development.

Marie strongly believes that in these times of material focus, being outdoors and reconnecting with ourselves is no longer just something to enjoy but is something essential for our health and well being.  Marie loves the peace and tranquillity that is felt in the woodland and is inspired by the impact this has on the children and parents that attend the sessions.

Marie loves to cook and is responsible for making the delicious pizzas for the Woodland Adventure Company’s parties and events!

In her role with the Woodland Adventure Company, Marie looks to organise events for children from different backgrounds and establish links with charities.