The Woodland Adventure Company run adventures every school holidays! There are many different adventures to choose from, all of which will provide your child/children with an unforgettable magical experience, as well as the added health benefits of being outdoors and connecting with nature. Throughout the year children will have the opportunity to experience the changing of the seasons and different weather conditions first hand, helping them to connect with the cycles of nature.

For the younger children, each of our adventures involves telling a tale to inspire the children, setting the scene for the mysteries that await us. On every session we make something to aid in their quest, from wizard wands to elf rockets, stickmen to bog babies.

Then it’s time for some tracking through the woods to find clues to help us on our way to completing the task, but beware the trolls are never far away, so we need to creep slowly and quietly to find what we seek.

The older children can try their hand at shelter building, fire lighting and bow and arrow’s or look for the hidden fairy garden in the magical forest – there is something for everyone!

We have large shelters, along with wood burning stoves, which help keep us warm and sheltered even on the coldest and wettest of days. Here we can cook all sorts of treats, like popping popcorn and toasted marshmallows, washed down with a delicious hot chocolate.

Come and join us to experience the magic for yourselves.

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* Please note children must be accompanied by an adult, adults are free.

Don’t worry if when you click on the calendar nothing happens, it just means that the school holiday dates aren’t on yet! Sign up for our updates on the homepage to find out when they will be ready.

York school holiday Sessions

Primrose Hill, Buttercrambe Road
Stamford Bridge, North Yorkshire YO41 1AW

Please note: The above postcode will take you 200m from our site on the same side of the road.


If booking via smartphone or tablet, please rotate to landscape orientation.


Harrogate school holiday Sessions

Pinewoods, Valley Gardens, Harrogate.

Parking on Harlow Moor Drive near the entrance to Margaret Road. We meet at the entrance to the woods next to the memorial and notice board.


If booking via smartphone or tablet, please rotate to landscape orientation.

We have been coming to Bushbabies for nearly a year now, since Poppy was 2 ½ (and Ruby 10 days old). It is a wonderful session… Adam is a very patient, engaging and fun leader…Poppy’s confidence has grown immensely over the months and now she enjoys using the blindfold to allow her to focus on listening for the sound of the birds or drums and tracking the sound down as instructed by Adam. It has been lovely to see how the children now work as a team to follow the trail, camouflage themselves and track down goblin and troll juice and treasure! These sessions really encourage creative imaginative play. It is great for her to be able to play with children of a similar age in the forest environment. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone. All children seem to love running outside, digging and searching through the forest and these sessions provide the ideal opportunity to do this in a structured, fun and safe way.