The Woodland Adventure Company is now offering training opportunities for anyone who wishes to gain hands on Forest School experience and knowledge, that will help them in their work with children from 2 – 11 years old.

Forest School taster session

So what is forest school? Well why not come along and experience it for yourself. This session is designed to open you up to what it is like for a child to experience forest school, first hand.

This taster will equip you with activities and games that you will be able to put into practise straight away, along with understanding the principles of forest school and why it is such an effective tool in child development.

It is also great for those who have an interest in forest school training, to see if it is something that they would like to pursue.

This 3 hour course will equip any adults working with children in early years KS1 and KS2, with a wealth of new ideas, activities, games and crafts, that will fill your pockets with loads of fun things to do, which are both easy and practical.

All these activities have been tried and tested in our outdoor education and forest school programmes and have helped develop children’s awareness of the natural environment, as well as their own personal development.

The course will be very hands on, interactive and lots of fun!


We also provide consultancy work for organisations, schools, nurseries and adventure parks who are interested in running their own forest school or outdoor education programme within their own setting. We can provide detailed plans and assessments that will help you to develop your own setting, ensuring the maximum potential is reached and that all the health and safety requirements are met.

Bushbabies adventure course

This is a truly exceptional course. Using all my experience gained over the last 14 years of outdoor education, you will learn how to setup and deliver up to 10 adventures that all comprise 5 elements: storytelling, making, tracking, games, and a finale. They include sessions like, the search for leprechaun’s gold, elf rockets, rainbow volcanoes and the search for Sammy the grouse. They will also include review sections and tips for safety and expansion.

You will also learn how to light a fire safely, in order for children to toast marshmallows and pop popcorn safely.

* There are currently no dates available for these courses but they can be booked by contacting us. They are designed for schools and other organisations, interested in inspiring their work in the outdoors.