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We sometimes ask ourselves, how did we end up here? How were we lucky enough to have a job that we love so much? The only answer is, that everything that happened in our lives led us to this place.

Adam is the adventurer, as a child he was always mountain biking, kayaking and any other sort of outdoor sport. When he got older he enjoyed travelling and everything that came from that sense of freedom and adventure. This can be seen in everything that he creates for the children, hours of thought and dedication go into each adventure that he plans and delivers. He has an incredible ability to see the woodland and adventure through each child's eyes.

Marie has a very different approach, as a child she was fascinated by animals and birds and how nature interacted and behaved, she spent hours in the outdoors, often as near trees as possible, losing herself in the magic and fantasy that nature offered her. 

As she got older, Marie became more and more interested in people and their relationships with themselves and others, this led to her training in social work. It wasn't until Marie left her job to join the Woodland Adventure company, that she realised that something had been missing in her life and that was nature. Coming back to nature was, for Marie like coming home. Having experienced this so deeply, she now has a real understanding that we all need to develop and nurture our relationship to the natural world, to feel a sense of belonging and happiness. 

Adam dove

Adam Dove has over 19yrs experience in the outdoors. His qualifications include, a BA Hons degree in Outdoor Education and Adventure Recreation, a Level 3 Forest School Leader award and various outdoor pursuits qualifications. His knowledge has been extended through hands on experience and attending courses in mountain leader training and Bushcraft survival skills. Experience includes, designing Forest School and Outdoor Education programmes for various settings including, children’s parties and holiday camps. He has also trained other professionals in the field of outdoor education.

Through experiencing the positive affects nature has on children, Adam wanted to develop outdoor educational programmes that utilised all his experience and inspiration; that could be used to help the development of children as a whole. It is his hope, that the Woodland Adventure Company will have a long lasting effect on the well-being of children and help develop their respect for the natural environment, as well have having lots and lots of fun!

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marie dove

Marie Dove now has 20 years experience in working with people in a social work, education and more recently a coaching role.

In 2015 she left social work behind to join the Woodland Adventure Company. Very quickly realising the impact of the woodland on herself and those that attended The WAC events, Marie decided to train as a life and performance coach, enabling her to bring the magic of nature to adults as well as children. 

Marie strongly believes that in these times of material focus, being outdoors and reconnecting with ourselves is no longer just something to enjoy but is something essential for our health and well being.  Marie loves the peace and tranquillity that is felt in the woodland and is inspired by the teachings that we can receive from the natural world.

Marie runs a monthly meet up for women called 'The Campfire Community' as well as seasonal workshops, nature connection days for women and teams. Marie also provides one to one life coaching sessions for women.

Marie loves to cook and is responsible for making the delicious pizzas for the Woodland Adventure Company’s parties and events! She adores making cakes and these can always be sampled at her woodland groups for women, as well as her incredible home made hot chocolate!


Our woodland is incredibly special, as you walk in you can feel a distancing from the daily routine, your senses become heightened, you start to feel a connection to the wonder of the natural world, the stress of life leaves you and you can take a deep breath and relax.

We have all the facilities you need to be comfortable. A toilet, hot and cold running water, teas and coffees, and a shelter with a fire area, that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, even on the coldest and wettest days.

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