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School Holidays

The Woodland Adventure Company run unique, personal and imaginative adventures every school holidays.

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Adam has a unique way of storytelling which has developed through his years of experience working with children. He discovered that no matter how crazy or wild his stories were the children were captivated, following every twist and turn. This led him to realise he could do more than just tell the stories, he could build the stories into incredible adventures that children would remember for years to come and so, the Woodland Adventure Company was born. 

 To captivate children's imaginations with tales of dragons and leprechauns is one thing, but to take them on an adventure to meet them in real life afterwards is truly epic! The look on their faces as they live the adventure, losing themselves in a world of imagination is something so magical and special to see.


The Woodland Adventure Company is now nearly 10 years old and Adam is still in the workshop thinking of new ideas for more adventures. With at least 20 different themes completed so far, there is no end to where his imagination will take him and you, if you book an adventure with us....

Each session begins with Adam setting the scene for the chosen adventure, telling a story and letting the magic begin.

Next we have a crafting element, swords, magic wands, axes and lanterns, are just a few of the exciting woodland crafts the children can enjoy making.
From here we go through the woods, building the story and discovering all types of wonderous things like fire breathing dragons, booby traps, a sword in a stone, cross bows and catapults!
Then back to base for potion making, rocket blasting, dinosaur egg smashing and bow and arrow firing.

To finish we always enjoy some time round the campfire for hot chocolate, popcorn and marshmallow toasting. (An alternative to popcorn and marshmallows will be given to children under 5 years).

"We had a fabulous time making a fairy garden this morning, without doubt the best school holiday activity we've done. Your enthusiasm and effort shines through, thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable morning!"

- Kate

“Wilfie and I had a super morning on The search for the Gruffalo's Child today! We loved meeting the owl, the snake and the fox before saving the Gruffalo's Child from the fairies and their pranks with our stick men and magic spells after which we returned to base where there was a real campfire with campfire treats. Adam and Marie were fantastic and we cannot wait for the bogbabies adventure on Thursday. Thankyou very much .”

- Lauren

“Adam is fantastic with the children and the activities are well organised. There is an air of magic with each session; all my children love the Woodland Adventures. We love to support and enjoy this local, award winning business.”

- Katy

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