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 Marie Dove is a Life and Performance Coach who uses nature in her practice. Marie is passionate about the impact that the natural world has on relationships, health and wellbeing and our connection to ourselves and others.

Marie runs a range of woodland based groups and workshops throughout the year and also offers one to one life coaching sessions... 

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Dry Leaf



What is life coaching? As a life coach I can help you move forward in your life. This could be in your career or in your personal life. You may not know exactly where you are headed, but get a sense that you would like to make some changes, or regain your sense of self. Perhaps you want to change career, but don't know where to start? Perhaps you would like more confidence or to feel more motivated? Whatever it is that you would like to work towards, I can help you.

As your coach, I will take this journey with you, supporting and encouraging you every step of the way. I will also hold you accountable for the steps you take on the way to your goal, keeping you focused and on track. 

I will guide you through a process in a non judgemental and supportive way. Think of me like a personal trainer, supporting and encouraging you, whilst you do the work to achieve your goals and dreams.



The Campfire Community is a monthly meet up for women who crave authentic face to face connection. Round the fire, we connect and have real conversation. We support each other and build relationships based in trust, respect and honesty.

In this modern fast paced world, it has never been more important for women to come together, to support and share. To know that you are listened to and to feel validated is something rare and essential.

Interested in joining or finding out more? Click on the button below:



Dry Leaf

What would life be like if we lived more in sync with nature and its changing seasons? Would being in tune with the biological rhythms of life help us to feel more grounded and connected? 

In these seasonal workshops, we take the teaching of each season and think about how it can impact our own lives. There will be coaching activities and exercises that generate discussion and allow a deeper connection to ourselves and nature.

Do you fancy getting away from it all and unwinding in the beauty of the woodland? Would you like to be part of something totally unique and inspiring? If so click on the button below:

"Being in nature, feeling the strong female energy, respect and companionship, and being able to openly talk about the thoughts and feelings that I was experiencing at that time—all beautifully choreographed by a loving, capable guide (that's you!)—was very healing and exactly what I needed. I am so grateful that you have created such a wonderful and unique experience, and that I was able to find out about it and attend!"

CT - Summer 2020

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. We were welcomed warmly and the atmosphere was very peaceful. I loved the balance of creating something with conversation and sharing - keeping my hands busy allowed the mind and spirit to relax and conversation to flow. Listening to the wind in the trees and the natural sounds removed from the bustle of urban life was oddly powerful. I recognised that this wasn't something I would really ever make time to do on my own and attending the session provided me the opportunity to try something new that I truly found restorative. I was inspired by the encouragement of the group of women, whom I didn't know to work towards some tentative goals with more confidence and gave me some new ideas I hadn't really considered previously. It struck me that spending time with a community of women from different walks of life and different ages was very empowering. I love that sessions like these are available and I hope that I am able to attend another soon!"

Lauren  - Summer 2018

"I attended the Spring workshop. A lovely experience, surrounded by nature. The conversations were guided by Marie and were positive and life affirming and gave me a lot to go away and think about.

Thank you Marie"

Fiona - Spring 2019

"I really look forward to the monthly campfire conversations its my time to connect with nature and like minded women. It really feels like two hours in a retreat, the woods are not totally rural but as you step into those woods its total transportation into nature. I really enjoy the discussion and time everyone takes to listen and support each other. Added bonus is Marie's hot chocolate and a home made goody. A lovely monthly treat."

Becca - A member of The Campfire Community

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for last Sunday’s workshop. I really enjoyed it as always and it was probably my favourite one so far. I loved how you did the meditation at the start, it really helped calm my thoughts. You are so good at what you do and it was so lovely to be with you all in such a peaceful and calming setting."

Beth, Summer 2020

During my sessions with Marie she has created a professional, open and secure environment where I felt confident to share my ideas, thoughts and questions. Marie offered strategies that I can apply to manage the chaos going on in my head, as I endeavour to get through a busy time in my life; as a mother of 2 young children contemplating a career change, this has been infinitely useful.

Thank you Marie.


"Having had a summer of life coaching from Marie, I still can’t believe how powerful the practice is and how much it has changed my life. Without hesitation, I would recommend her as a brilliant coach. Initially, I contacted Marie unsure of what the end goal was. Following some tough personal challenges, I felt stuck in a negative thought process and was lacking in confidence. Very quickly, after only a few sessions, Marie helped me work through this and I emerged feeling much more positive and in control. I continued to meet Marie to explore other aspects of my life and career. I had a different dream to the reality I was living and through coaching, I was able to see that I needed to and could make the necessary changes. I’m now putting steps in place to follow my heart to a career I’ve wanted for so many years, something I never thought I would have the courage to do. The sessions are perfectly structured and Marie has such a calming influence - her ability to listen beyond the words is a rare skill. She is non-judgemental and supportive and she genuinely cares about her clients, making it so easy to open up and really get the most out of the time spent with her. I highly recommend the sessions in the woods - it’s a special place. I will always be so thankful to Marie for empowering me to make the changes to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life."

SR - 2018

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