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frequently asked questions


Please dress your child in something that you don’t mind getting dirty!


Wellington boots are great if it’s raining/wet and not too cold, however children’s feet do get very cold in wellies in the winter. We would therefore recommend sturdy shoes, such as walking boots or good trainers with thick socks in these conditions. Lined wellies are also a great option.

• Waterproofs – We would recommend bringing these even if the sun is shining when you leave the house – this is England!
• Extra layer – It’s always a bit cooler in the woods even in the summer!
• Hat and gloves – If it’s cold
• Long trousers rather than shorts to protect legs from brambles, nettles etc.


At the Woodland Adventure Co we like to continue whatever the weather! We find that children enjoy themselves just as much if it is wet or dry, warm or cold. The most important thing is that they are dressed appropriately (please see above on what to wear).

We have large shelters if it rains and a fire to keep you warm if it’s cold. The trees also provide good shelter from most of the weather.
The only time that the Woodland Adventure Co would have to cancel would be if we deemed the weather to be unsafe, for example gale force winds. If this were the case we would refund you in full or if possible rearrange.


Birthday parties:
For children under the age of 6 children must be accompanied by a parent/adult. For children aged 6-11, we require the parents of the birthday boy/girl to stay.
Public sessions:
Parents need to stay with their child at all public sessions for all children aged 2-11 years.


We have drinking water, cups, plates and bowls. You are welcome to bring cake, party bags, food, squash and decorations. We only ask that you take your decorations with you when you leave and that you don’t use party poppers or sequins as these are difficult to remove from the woodland floor.

Other things to consider bringing are insect repellent and sun cream in the summer months.

is it safe?

The children who attend the Woodland Adventure Co. will be in a woodland environment. They will be participating in practical woodland activities, which may involve using sharp and/or heavy tools, making rockets, whittling sticks, bow and arrow firing, building dens, cooking on a fire and drinking hot drinks under the guidance of a qualified Woodland Adventure leader.


Whilst the Woodland Adventure Co. have taken all reasonable steps to minimise the risk involved in such activities, it is important to be aware that the nature of such activities means that some risk will always remain. Woodlands have their own natural risks, such as uneven footing, branches, exposed roots, etc. the Woodland Adventure Co take safety very seriously and regularly review their risk assessments to ensure that the safety of those who attend is prioritised.


how do i book?

All holiday sessions can be booked via the website on our book online page


For birthday parties/school sessions/training/events, please either telephone Marie on 07788713393 or email via the contact page on the website. When a date and time has been agreed for the party/school session/training/event, we will send you the relevant paperwork to complete to confirm the booking.


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